We are proud to let the words of our clients speak for themselves

Just as important as the amounts we recover for our clients are the feelings they have about the level of service, care and respect they receive from our firm. The true measure of our success is whether, at the end of a case, a client is happy that they chose us to help them.
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Susan H.

(attacked and mauled by two pit bull dogs):

I was in serious need of a personal injury attorney after I was hurt in a dog attack while walking my dogs on a busy San Francisco street. Emison Cooper & Cooper was recommended to me by a friend for advice and legal representation. I felt great comfort after meeting with Theo Emison. Theo’s compassion and thorough understanding of the law as it pertained to my case calmed my anxieties and allowed me to feel better about my situation. As time went on and the insurance company refused to settle, it became clear that my case would be going to trial. As the trial neared, Theo and his partner John Hullverson prepared my case with meticulous attention to detail. A two week trial ensued that had me on an emotional roller coaster but throughout Theo and John were supportive, professional and sympathetic to my needs. Through their hard work and dedication they achieved a successful jury decision for me. I have much gratitude for Theo and John and the help that they provided for me during this difficult time in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend their service to anyone seeking justice with legal matters.

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Virginia H.

(mother of Susan H., dog mauling victim):

After my daughter sustained a serious injury and needed the services of a personal injury attorney, the firm of Emison Cooper & Cooper was recommended to her. Theo Emison and John Hullverson met with my daughter, listened to her and believed in her. I sat in trial and was impressed by their well organized and articulate presentation, their obvious knowledge of the law and their dedication to my daughter. It was not surprising to me that we had a successful outcome to her trial! Thanks to Theo and John, my daughter could recover from her bad experience and move on with her life.

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Billy W.

(who lost his son because of Kaiser’s malpractice):

My grandchildren lost their father and I knew it shouldn’t have happened. Another attorney referred us to Emison Cooper & Cooper. Theo and John cared for our family like it was their own. Nothing can bring Carlton back, but Theo and John made sure Carlton’s children will be provided for and have money for college.

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Samantha M.

(hit by car that was fleeing from the police):

Could not ask for any better!!! I cannot thank Theo and his team enough for all the time and work they put into my case. I came to them about 2 1/2 years ago with a case full of complications and not knowing much about what I as a crime victim should do. Emison Cooper & Cooper took it on with no problems and walked me through everything I needed to know. They worked closely with my family and me to work out each and every issue. Theo and his team had spectacular communication, they could be reached by email or phone at almost all times to answer any questions. They provided updates just about as soon as they themselves learned about them.

This was a long process and a great outcome. I would recommend Emison Cooper & Cooper to absolutely everyone. Again, I could never thank Theo and his team enough for all the time and effort they put into my case.

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Colin D.

(riding motor-scooter when hit by car):

Following an auto accident, I worked with Theo Emison who represented me in the context of a recovery involving personal property and injuries I suffered. I cannot say enough good things about the work that Theo and John did for me. Theo and his staff were consistently available, responsive and helpful in every way. Having never been through this process before, there was a considerable amount of education and hand-holding which Theo provided. He was always thorough, concise and level-headed and my settlement was processed without a hitch. Best of all, the high measure of professionalism of Theo and his staff insured that I never had to think about any of the details and was able to get on with my life. Theo is fantastic and I highly recommend him and his services to anyone in need.

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Sondra L.

(court reporter after learning of our success in a wrongful death case against Kaiser):


I was thinking of you today and got home to find your awesome email. I am soooo happy for you. You do not maybe know this so I am gonna tell you that you are so young yet so knowledgeable in depo how you phrase your questions and craft the entire depo. I am so impressed and even more impressed that you helped this family. I hope to see you again and will work just as hard to catch those 10-syllable words you whip out at 250 words per minute. lol

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Sheila Q.

(who lost her partner because of Kaiser’s malpractice):

We love you Theo and John very much and we respect your practice. You will forever be an angel to us here on earth while dad is our angel in heaven.

-Sheila and the kids

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Taylor R.

(pedestrian hit in cross walk by red light runner):

During a time in my life of great uncertainty and vulnerability, Theo Emison provided me with an immense amount of empathy and support. Extremely sensitive to my wounded state, Theo guided me through my case in a manner that was equally professional and personable. Theo's approach to his work is that of boundless dedication coupled with an expertise in his practice. The somewhat intimidating language was always delivered in a way that I was never left questioning. I have much gratitude and respect for Theo and highly recommend him in his field.

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Dorothy and Paul R.

(parents of Taylor R., pedestrian hit in crosswalk by red light runner)

The purpose of this letter is to express our most sincere gratitude for the professionalism and quality representation you provided for our daughter Taylor from the date of her accident, in October of2005, to the settlement date in June of 2006.

This was a very emotional and stressful period of time for us, particularly in that we were such a long distance away and could not be with Taylor on a daily basis. The conference calls and written communique that you made available not only kept us abreast of the litigation proceedings, but more importantly, provided a great deal of comfort knowing that our daughter was in the hands of an extremely competent and caring law office.

We visited Taylor in San Francisco for two weeks earlier this month and although she has not regained all of her cognitive skills and occasionally experiences pain in her lower back, she has made significant progress in other areas and hopefully her injuries will not resurface and cause her problems in the future. We need to remind ourselves that it could have been much worse and that God was certainly with her on the evening of the accident.

Thank you once again for all that you did during this very trying time and should the situation ever present itself that we would need to recommend a law office in the San Francisco area it goes without saying that we would recommend the law firm of Emison Cooper & Cooper with total confidence.